How To Install iOS 6 beta 3 Without A Developer Account

iOS 6 beta 3 is released for registered developers on July 16. Though it is meant only for iOS developers who pay Apple 99$/year for developer account, it is floating around the web since its release for download.

With few easy steps, you can install it on your iDevice and give it a try. I did it with no trouble  at all. Some apps close abruptly though. But again, this release is beta and is highly unstable and the experience may differ from device to device. It may brick your device or render non-functional. So try it at your own risk. Its a Leap of Faith.

Step 1. First, back up your device completely. Update wont remove your data, but plan for the worst. 😉

Step 2. Download latest iTunes, a file of your CURRENT iOS VERSION (iOS 5.1.1 presumably) and a file for iOS version to be updated (iOS 6 beta 3) from links below. (The link contains download options for both file hosting sites and torrent sites.)

Download links:
1. iTunes 10.6.3,
2. iOS 5.1.1,
3. iOS 6 beta 3

BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Check and select download for your iDevice appropriately. Each iDevice requires different file. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV etc). Also, downloads are device-generation dependent, eg. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 require different downloads and so on.

Step 4. Connect your device to PC/Mac and open iTunes.

Step 5. Select your device from Devices list in iTunes and perform following steps.

1. If your device is jail-broken, you’ll need to restore the device to its factory settings first. To do so, hold Shift button (Windows) or hold Option button (Mac) and click Restore with your device connected. Select .ipsw file for iOS 5.1.1 ( downloaded in Step 2), click Open and proceed with restoration. Once completed, perform following step to perform update.

2. Now  hold Shift button (Windows) or hold Option button (Mac) and click Check for updates with your device connected. Select .ipsw file for iOS 6 beta 3 ( downloaded in Step 2), click Open and proceed with installation.

Step 6. If your device is working well, enjoy new iOS for few days until you start noticing the bugs in it and it starts bugging you and then restore it to iOS 5.1.1 using sub-step 1 in Step 5. If your device is bricked, try to restore it to iOS 5.1.1 using sub-step 1 in Step 5 (IF IT ALLOWS YOU), else go to service center and get it fixed.

DISCLAIMER: No one but you will be held responsible for any damage if occurred to your iDevice. If service center guys know your this little deed, it may VOID its warranty.


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iOS 6 beta 3 screens

Finally my iPod’s warranty expired. So I took chance to install the 3rd beta version of much talked iOS 6 (No.. I ain’t no developer and neither do I have iOS Developer Account (99$/year)), to be released this October.

So, here are several screen shots of it, for anyone who is interested. It is still in beta phase. so many new features will be included and many of below might be removed in and from final release.. 🙂

Happy sightseeing.. 😀

You know you are obsessed by The Big Bang Theory when….

You know you are obsessed and consumed by The Big Bang Theory when…
    You play “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock” to resolve disputes.
    You do three knock cadences when summoning someone.
    You know all the words to “Soft Kitty.”
    You have sung the aforementioned song as a round.
    You shout “We built the pyramids!” during the theme song.
    You know that Tweedy Bird really “taht he taw a Romulen.”
    Your comeback to bullying is “a homo habilis discovering its opposable thumbs says what?”
    You label everything in the house, including the label maker.
    You know Nebraska is “better than North Dakota,” although it’s only funny in Nebraska, or at least not in California…
    You know the full names of Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj.
    You do Sheldon’s creepy smile when you know it’s polite to look happy.
    You know that when you understand the laws of physics that anything is possible. (Mua ha ha)
    You can recite one or more of Sheldon’s “typical psychotic rants.”
    You bug your eyes out and say “I’m CRAZY!”
    Someone requests an application and you state that you are more of a theorist.
    You ask people that if they were a robot and you knew and they didn’t, whether or not they’d want you to tell them.
    You know exactly WHY Wolowitz bailed out of Med School.
    You know that autotrophs don’t drool, but you love the theme song anyway.
    You watch Star Wars, you say, “We defeated the empire!”
    You chant “B to the R to the I-S-K to the E to the T…”
    You compare your boyfriend to Ernie from “Sesame Street,” because “Ernie just gave.”
    You announce in a loud voice that you have to urinate.
    You know the difference between the Doppler Effect and “A brain-damaged choo choo train.”
    You interpret hugs based on the length in “Mississippis.”
    Your friend is contemplating moving, and you remind them that they have to stay in one place in case the Mother Ship returns.
    Corduroy suits suddenly don’t seem so bad.
    You know that negative results are still results-even twenty thousand of them.
    You call your collection of nerdy belongings “Nerdvana.”
    You want luminous fish.
    Unimpressed by the ‘performance’ of a significant other, you flatly refer to them as “you magnificent beast.”
    You use Schrödinger’s cat as metaphors for relationships.
    You know that whispering “do not make a sound,” is a sound.
    You shout “Bazinga!” when celebrating the tricking of someone.
    You’re in a good mood and inform others of this by saying that, in the world of emoticons, you are colon capital D.
    You say that surprise caused people to go colon capital O.
    You play the element game with your friends in the car.
    You can’t master something and claim it’s because you’re too evolved.
    You’ll buy things because “the man on the box looks so happy!”
    You have a sarcasm sign.
    You compare platonic relationships to “individually wrapped slices of cheese.”
    You live in fear of the three-tined fork.
    You know that “It was just a hug,” means, “It means I wish you weren’t going.” Duh, right?
    You know you can call “dibs” because you can look it up on Wikipedia.
    You have a board.
    You think that there should be a “check the check engine light light” in a car.
    You try to blow up someone’s head with your mind.
    You tell people that you’ve “got your geek on.”
    You know that ANYTHING beats, “you know I’m a dude,” right?
    You know all the words to the theme song.
    You have an Honorary Justice League of America membership card because it says “keep this on your person at all times,” under Batman’s signature.
    You use “AFK” as a busy status on the computer.
    You know that Fig Newtons were named after a town in Massachusetts and NOT the scientist.
    You weave “Un-unwravelable” webs while lying.
    You play “Mock the Flawed Technology” with a cell phone.
    In restaurants, you don’t allow “substitutions, eliminations,” or “reductions.”
    You know the advantages of buying in bulk.
    You’d pick the museum of natural history over the planetarium because they have dinosaurs.
    You reference Star Trek battle scenes as a means of explaining yourself.
    You can name seven guys Penny has been with.
    You know that someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah “cuz I sold my soul to the company store.”
    You tell someone, in Mandarin, that their monkey sleeps inside you.
    You know it’s a little wrong to say a tomato is a vegetable and a lot wrong to say it’s a suspension bridge.
    You refer to things as “a hoot and a half.”
    Someone suggests something preposterous and you agree to it, suggesting afterwards to go pilin’ in a pickup and go skinny dipping down at the crick.
    You look for the acoustic sweet spot in a movie theater.
    You know that what happens in costume at Comic Con stays at Comic Con!
    You have a tie that works as two, and yet doesn’t even work as one.
    You know that EVERYTHING is better with Bluetooth.
    Something startles you and you say “oh, there’s the arrhythmia!”
    You have a friendship algorithm.
    Someone respects one of your idiosyncrasies and you offer them chocolate.
    You inform people you are hitting on what your race invented, adding, “You’re welcome.”
    You imitate Admiral Akbar saying “It’s a trap!”
    Someone you know storms away and you respond by sticking up your pinkie and saying “sisters?”
    You know that nothing is interesting about caves.
    You tell brave friends that minstrels will write songs about them, taking the part of the minstrel.
    You say “hola, nerdmigos!”
    You laugh at the same things over and over again.
    You have the picture of the LOL Cat that wants to “Haz Cheezeburger.”
    Your excuse for getting teased about a nerdy possession is “it’s a lot cooler when girls aren’t looking at it.”
    You refuse to cut open a dumpling.
    You name your cat Sergeant Fuzzy Boots.
     You understand why one can’t wear a warrior flight suit on Halloween.
    You can no longer read “The Little Engine That Could.”
    Your alternative name for sex is “hyna klyna bang-bang music!”
    You get more nervous tics than a Lyme disease research facility when keeping a secret.
    You know that the check engine light being on means that you should…you know…check your engine!
    You understand that for someone to miss you, you have to be gone.
    You like smiley faces carved into your grilled cheese.
    You diagnose Tourettes Syndrome when someone randomly swears.
    You know that forks are for eating, and tridents are for ruling the seven seas.
    You really want a Snuggie, so you can get “all snoodled up.”
    After greeting your parents, you say, “I’m not drunk,” afterwards explaining that you are just making conversation.
    You say, “Holy crap on a cracker!”
    You start ordering your barbecue bacon cheeseburger with “barbecue, bacon, and cheese on the side.”
    You have a favorite place to “kick back after a quest.”
    You call your boyfriend your little homunculus.
    You instruct people you are feuding with to kiss your Barbie.
    You want to be a rabbit king.
    After making a date with someone, you inform them that you’ll get your chisel, to carve the…never mind.
    You are suddenly afraid of every shower without adhesive ducks.
    You add “bam!” to the end of every sentence.
    You try to make corn starch and water dance on a stereo.
    You say “shmear me.”
    You know that love is a relentless pursuit that only ends when she falls into your arms or hits you with the pepper spray.
    You know the difference between “centrifugal” and “centripetal” force.
    You hear “manganese” and laugh to yourself.
    You realize it’s a good point that many villains have advanced degrees, and feel graduate school should step it up.
    You celebrate “Anything Can Happen Thursday.”
    You hear someone say “PMS” or “AA,” and think of the Perpetual Motion Squad and the Army Ants.
    You end all voice messages with, “It’s Howard.”
    You know that “friends do not get their friends care bears all sweaty.”
    Your response to people questioning your behavior is “it’s an experiment.”
    You tell people that they need to picture you with a giant squid head.
    You inform people that it is “Junior Rodeo On!”
    You have a new and creepy way of comforting people who are injured and/or scared.
    You love Leonard and Penny.
    You sort your cereal by fiber content.
    A Mexican Hairless is mentioned and you say, “annoying little animal; yip yip yip!”
    You know the name of every episode…… in order.
    You order Virgin Diet Cuba Libres at bars.
    You know you’re not insane because your mother had you tested.
    You love a couple so much you will fight to the death for them.
    You HAVE a “you know you’re obsessed when” article.
    You can be persuaded by Spock’s Dying Words.
    You say that a relationship that ended badly “crashed to the ground like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory.”
    You explain that the seat beside you is taken by “my physics bowl trophy!”
    You can think of some really nasty pranks to play on people you loathe in your workplace.
    You can name at least five nicknames for Sheldon.
    You call yourself or a particularly spontaneous acquaintance, “a big ol’ five.”
    You know how the title is relevant to the episode.
    You can guess the content of the episode in advance, based solely on the title.
    You don’t want Sheldon to ever-ever, get a girlfriend.
    You know how many days it is to the next new episode (even over a summer).
    You suggest people make friends by simply being pleasant.
    You do a high pitched “he he he he he he!” when trying to be intimidating.
    You use lines from the show in casual conversation.
    You have a bowl for your keys.
    You hold out the word “bowl” when discussing your bowl for keys.
    You know that in Nebraska people only shoot things if they want to eat them or make them leave their boyfriends alone.
    You award “strikes” to your friends for breaking unwritten “rules” in your home.
    You want Sheldon’s contraption that folds laundry.
    You try to smash a flash frozen banana.
    You call yourself “the small package good things come in” when trying to pick up girls.
    You disguise your voice over the phone and ask people why they are calling at such an “ungodly” hour.
    You get a new friend and start chanting “one of us, one of us…”
    You make sure your temporary bed is oriented with the headboard away from the door.
    Someone asks who you are and you say, “I am Sheldon’s cousin Leo…”
    You suddenly are proud of your restraining orders.
    A friend tells someone that they are dead to them, and you go on to explain exactly what that means.
    The first thing you share with people about yourself is your Zodiac sign.
    After listening to a painful melody, say with a lot of emotion, “God, that’s a good song!”
    You won’t have anyone touch your food.
    You look up the definition of “quantum mechanics” because it’s referenced so much.
    You have a special “spot” you always must sit in.
    You will never forget “Higgs Boson Particle.”
    You want “the bleep” to be replaced by a boing! And an atom picture…
    And when you don’t need any more explanation on the previous statement.
    You change “lobster” to “mobster.”
    You cheered when Penny completed the Sheldon’s Spot Rant without error.
    You say, in the voice of the Incredible Hulk “Good-night, Puny Human!”
    You tell people you are arguing with that “you and I are about to have a problem.”
    You are asked to tell a secret and reply “I’m Batman! Shhh!”
    You really want Raj’s shirt that plays music.
    You have a baseball bat handy, so if someone breaks in you can go “all Nebraska on them”!
    You tell yourself that you are the master of your own bladder.
    You already knew that Sheldon and Penny were friends and so were not surprised when she was not the “acquaintance.”
    You aren’t sure of an answer and so guess “Star Wars”?
    You know that Sheldon didn’t invent the 26 dimensions-they’re there!
    You know that Stan Lee is not Bruce Lee’s brother.
    You want to know how to shoot so close to a raccoon that it craps itself.
    You want a Joker ringtone even though it creeps both Penny and Leonard out.
    You want Cylon toast.
    You know that the three most menial jobs are tollbooth attendant, Apple store genius, and what Penny does.
    You want to go to Disneyland and ride the Matterhorn.
    You make an Big Bang Theory themed Easter Egg.
    You look at a friend and say slowly “Schnapps.”
    You give someone the “moving finger.”
    You know that if “it doesn’t feel like an arm,” then “maybe you should let it go.”

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अत्यंत सुंदर..

काहीतरी आवाज आला, हलकेच उघडले डोळे..

काहीच दिसेना आजुबाजूला, सगळेच अस्पष्ट.. सगळेच काळे..

डोळे उघडण्याचा प्रयत्न करता खुपच त्रास झाला..

म्हणल कोणीतरी डोक्यावरून पांघरूण घाला..

शेवटी गजर बंद केला अन कसाबसा उठलो अन आवरायला गेलो..

खोलीतून बाहेर पडताना ओरडलो “उठलो ग आई..!!

पटकन नाश्ता दे खुप आहे घाई..”

नेहमीचा “आवरून घे आधी..” आवाज ऐकू नाही आला..

परत एकदा ओरडावे विचार मनात आला..

ओला हात पुसत आजुबाजूला पाहिले,

टचकन डोळ्यात पाणी आले..

मी घरात रहातच नाही हे लक्षात आले..

How to Clone..!!!!

We all know that feeling: it’s raining, you’re kicking around the house – what do you do, get that camera out!  Well, here’s an interesting project for you to try… cloning.  It is exactly what it sounds like – you make a photograph with many clones of one thing (yourself, your cat, small child, random inanimate object etc) in it.  It’s easy and good fun… and here’s how.

Learn to clone! Then you can take loads of pics of yourself – yeah!!

There are many ways to clone, but the easiest and most effective is using Layer Masks.  Photoshop comes with Layer Masks, but if you’re using Elements (which I do), you’ll need to download a layer mask tool – a free layer mask tool for PSE 6, 7 and 8 by Sue Chastain can be found on which has excellent instructions for downloading.  Sue Chastain deserves a knighthood for creating this, as it makes PSE work so much harder!

Open all of your chosen images and layer them all onto one photograph.  I do this by opening all of your chosen images and selecting all, (Ctrl A), Copying (Ctrl C) and Pasting (Ctrl V) onto your first image.  This will layer each picture upon each other.  Close each image once you’ve copied it.

Then comes the magic, click on Layer 1 and add a Layer Mask.  This is found in Photoshop on the Layers palette at the bottom (click Add Layer Mask).  In Elements, your downloaded Layer mask will appear in your Effects palette – its a half black/half white rectangle and looks like this:

Layer Mask effect in Photoshop Elements. Click apply to er.. apply!

Click Apply.  Once applied, the Layer Mask will appear in the Layers palette as a blank white image, like this:

The white rectangle in your Layers palette is the Layer Mask!

Now select a brush tool (try 250px or so), make sure your foreground colour is black and your background is white (press D to get this).  Start painting on your image where you want your next clone to appear (ie above where the clone is in the next image).  Your clone should magically appear!

Paint on your layer with black and see the layer below magically appear!

It is that easy.  If you need to paint back any of the top image, just click on white as a foreground and paint it back in.   Return to black to reveal more of the image below.

You now want to merge the two layers you’ve been working on – hold shift key down and click on both layers so both are highlighted, then go to Layers>Merge Layers (or Ctrl E).  This keeps your working process more tidy as you go.  You can now repeat the above steps to include the other clones from your images and build up your final picture!

Top tips

  • Put your camera on a steady surface – tripod is ideal, but a steady surface will do.
  • Use a remote or timer (even if you’re not cloning yourself you don’t want to be moving the camera at all!)
  • Focus in advance on a spot where you know your clone will be, then move to manual focus and leave it alone.  Set camera to f8 or higher and you should be alright. Don’t change this once you’re shooting your series.
  • Avoid auto settings as you’re taking each shot – keep the settings identical – get the right exposure, and put it in manual for aperture & shutter, and set the right white balance for the setting – I usually set it to daylight (auto could cause variations!)
  • Be mindful of strong shadows and clone overlaps – you’ll need to zoom in and work with a smaller brush to paint in more convincingly
  • Take a picture of an empty scene – use this in case you need to paint in an area at any point!

A big credit to phototechnique on wordpress whose  tutorial taught me the above!

Clone on….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know you are obsessed with How I Met Your Mother when..

1. You ask your friends to play Zitch Dog with you on a road trip.

2. You ask your friends for all sorts of high fives, like the hypothetical high five and phone five.

3. If someone asks you what you do for a living, you answer with a small cough followed by “please”.

4. You have a life sized Storm Trooper in your apartment.
5. You know what a stovinkorator is.
6. Your favourite drink is a Thankstini. (1 part Vodka, 2 parts Cranberry Juice, 1 Chicken Boullion Cube)
7. You swear you’ve seen a cockamouse.
8. You are too liberal with the word “legendary”.
9. You have a video resume.
10. You use the Pause function if you get in an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
11. You hum Let’s Go To the Mall or Sandcastles in the Sand without realizing it.
12. You call “shotgun for eternity” when someone shows you their new car.
13. You start saying “oot” instead of “out”.
14. You think you totally pull off red cowboy boots.
15. In the event of a bad hair cut, you think of the Native American Headdress before you think of a hat.
16. You sometimes space out and don’t pay any attention to what others are saying.
17. You stubbornly refuse to go to your friends’ crappy plays.
18. You let your future-selves make big decisions.
19. You “lawyer” someone.
20. You strictly abide by the Bro Code.

What Color Is Your Name….

Your Name is Yellow

Your name tells people that you are welcoming and cheerful. You are open to all the love in the world.

You are a warm person who can’t help but make others feel comforted. You are truly radiant.

People see you as someone who has figured out the secrets to life.

While that’s not true, you do try to remain positive in the face of adversity.

You are the sunshine in other people’s lives. You make more of a difference than you realize.